Chairman’s message

Each of Saky Foods’ member works hard to make products and services from heart. We produce Seafoods that we would be happy to feed our own Children.





Sociable Environment

Sustainable Relationship

OUR Advantages

Having practical experiences of product and international market allow us to gain trust of many strategic suppliers across Viet Nam, we therefore can satisfy customer’s challenging requests for various kinds and qualities of seafood both farmed and wild catching, even combining various items into one single shipment. On top of that, cooperating with us helps you to save time and expenses or reduce risks compared to when you buy products by yourself and use outsourced inspection services.

Our experienced purchaser, quality control experts and logistic team can manage the whole production or shipping process to ensure the product is the right quality, quantity, delivery time. We keep in touch with customers to update information about production or shipping progress, and to solve any arising issues as soon as possible.

Our sales team works hard to update for new consuming trends, different specifications, new products, and every single demand of each market, to provide the best service to customers.


Sa Ky Food Company Limited was established in early 2016.


Saky Foods has successfully signed contracts with a number of supermarket chains in Australia and Canada to provide high quality products. For a young business, this is a great motivation to continue to improve and develop in the future.


2021 witnessed outstanding success in the 5-year journey of Saky Foods with a revenue of 14 million dollar.

2022 - FUTURE

Acquisition of Ten Trai manufacture is an outstanding milestone that proves the endless development of Saky Foods in the following years.

Ten Trai Factory

Ten Trai Factory is a perfect choice and an integral piece for Saky Foods Company.

  • Located in an area of abundant materials – the East Vietnam Sea  is a great opportunity to bring the freshest and highest sources of quality ingredients.
  • The source of cheap and highly skilled labor ensures to meet all orders with complicated specifications.
  • In addition, Ten Trai plant is located close to major ports such as Sa Ky port, Da Nang port, Quy Nhon port, Van Phong port, … extremely convenient for fishing and transporting cargo to other countries all around the world.
  • The factory also possesses many state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, such as Flake ice machine, Cold storage, IQF double twist conveyor belt, Automatic weighing and boiling system,…, and an area of ​​10,328 m2. We are confident that we are qualified to produce large quantities of orders and tricky requirements.


Saky Foods‘s team is the next generation of Sa Ky‘s fishermen – inheriting the tradition and bringing the mission to promote the reputation and quality of Sa Ky and Viet Nam’s seafood to the world.

Our specialized team sources strategic raw materials in fisheries markets, adding value at each stage of the supply chain, devoting much time and effort towards the establishment of lasting relationships with each of our many buyers and suppliers.


Our partners


We are working with fishermen and shipowners of fishing ports from North to Central to the South of Vietnam that supply us the raw material for sea fish and seafood products. We receive new catches at fishing ports everyday and we have  Quality Controllers to check the quality of products.  After that the fish will arrange logistics by truck and refer to our factories near the fishing port to ensure the best quality of fish products.

We process and export more than 10,000 tons of Frozen Seafood and other kind of Seafood per year to customers in Asia such as: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei…to Europe : France, Germany, Sweden…., to USA, Canada and Australia…

We combine decades of experience in seafood and trading with an ambition to every day deliver our customers the best service in terms of reliability, quality and price.


In this few years, we started to provide seafood products and value added service to our customers in the local market in Viet Nam . It means that we can undergo a special ameliorate process according to customer preference. Generally, the frozen seafood products that can be used to undergo value-added service are mackerel, tuna, seafish, river fish, vannamei shrimp, black tiger shrimp and so on.

We developed strategic relationships with big supermarket chains like Big C, Coopmart, and some online seafood sellers to deliver the best seafood to Vietnamese.


To accommodate more goods, we had to cooperate with our cold storage and logistics partners in Ho Chi Minh City where we stored our mackerel, fish and seafood products. It can be more convenient for our customers to come to Ho Chi Minh city and check the quality of products before loading. Besides that, our cold storage is specifically set up next to the production department to ensure the freshness of our seafood products. All of our frozen seafood products are kept under a very low temperature (-25 degree Celsius) to make sure the goods are handled with care and in good condition. To avoid the temperature drop rapidly, the workers are advised to keep opening and closing of cold room doors to a minimum.

Loading Bay belongs to Cold storage service and it is an area where the trucks, lorries, and container trucks are loaded and unloaded. This is the place where we distribute our frozen seafood products to our valued customers daily. The forklift driver’s responsibility is to take out the pallet of the goods in the correct amount once get the customer order.