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Shell Fish

Saky Foods Co.,ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of frozen marine and water fish  products in the seafood industry. Our factory have the standard of processing equipment and processing lines with HACCP, ISO, HALAL certifications that procedure world class quality frozen seafood. We have more than 10 years experience in frozen seafood industry.

Beside fish products, we also supply for Shell Fish products as Shrimp (Black Tiger shrimp and Vanemei shrimp), Scallops, White/brown clam whole round, Clam meat, soft shell crab…

We had extend our business to global market such as export the shell Fish  products to Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Europe, Middle East, and so on. We provide the most freshness, finest and best quality frozen seafood to all customer.

No matter you are the new or regular customer . We are always be ready to provide you the most quality , fresh and hygiene frozen products which beyond your expectation