Sharing The Love to "Sea" food

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Our Advantages

Having practical experiences of product and international market allow us to gain trust of many strategic suppliers across Viet Nam, we therefore can satify customer’s challenging requests for various kinds and qualities of seafood both farmed and wild catching, even combines various items into one single shipment. On top of that, cooperating with us help you to save time and expenses or reducing risks compared to when you buy products by yourself and use outsourced inspection services.

Our experienced purchaser, quality control experts and logistic team can manage the whole production or shipping process to ensure the product is right quality, quantity, delivery time. We keep in touch with customer to update information about production or shipping progress, and to solve any arising issues as soon as possible.

Our sales team work hard to update for new consuming trend, different specifications, new products, and every single demand of each market, to provide the best service to customer.